L. Boxin Cream

Lifting anti-wrinkle cream for use on its own as a night cream or to prolong the L. Boxin Mask treatment.


Why use a mask?

Because it envelops the entire surface to be covered in a single step, a mask is the most appropriate galenical form to produce an action on all facial, neck and décolleté muscles. In addition, the occlusive effect of a mask helps boost absorption of the active ingredients into the skin tissue.

The perfect distribution of the formula’s active ingredients over the skin areas to be treated affords an overall relaxing effect that gives real anti-wrinkle benefits to this mask, which has been frequently copied but never equaled!

Anti-wrinkle action

Unlike treatments based on botulin toxin or its derivatives, which work on wrinkles caused by micro-contractions by destroying the motor endplate, thereby inhibiting the production of acetylcholine, L. Boxin Mask/Cream neither destroys nor paralyzes, but simply interferes with acetylcholine production.

Working without injections, without modifying the body’s natural functions and without toxicity, L. Boxin Mask/Cream is a benchmark antiwrinkle product.